Who we are

Prior to moving to California in 1975, I was employed by Heathkit in Benton Harbor, Michigan as a Kit Design Engineer. While I was earning my EE degree, I also worked there as a service technician in the service department. I have worked on a lot of Heathkits during that time and since. It was exciting working for the largest electronics 'kit' company in world.

Today, as a hobby, I am still very much involved with Heathkits although the 'original kit' company no longer exists. I have several manuals, parts, and kits that I have collected from the company auctions, the old surplus outlet, as well as recent collections and trades. I currently also repair Heathkit's in my spare time. If you would like to have a unit repaired, please contact me for details.

Please use the information in the following pages if you are restoring or repairing any Heathkit. If you need any help, parts, or just want to comment, please send me an email.

We have tried to offer some New Kits intended to spark new life into some of those old kits. Please take a look at what we have. I also welcome any ideas for new items.

Please also take a look at the items that I have posted on eBay.

We also maintain a 'BoneYard' of un-restorable kits that can be cannibalized for parts.  If you are looking for a particular part, take a look at the 'BoneYard' to see if your kit is on the list.


Don Peterson

Press Release

October 2008

Data Professionals of Pleasanton California has purchased the Copyrights and existing inventory of all legacy Heathkit product documentation from Heath Company of Benton Harbor Michigan for an undisclosed amount. The new company will make copies of the original legacy manuals available to the marketplace via its web site and through eBay and PayPal.