Weather Station Support

Many of the orginal parts for the Weather Stations are difficult to obtain either as new or used parts. We have designed a few new items that can replace some of the more difficult parts to find. We also offer new parts that have been selected to replace the original parts, and will work just like the originals. Check out our replacement solution for the 444-23 original Mostek CPU. The original parts are all now beginning to fail due to problems in the manufacturing process at Mostek. Our new PC board solution will not only replace the original CPU, but it will allow you to now run the excellent software from Thunderhead Technologies. We also have replacement IR LED's and Photo Transistors for the ID-4001 and ID-5001 Weather Stations.

We have brand new stainless steel replacement bearings for the ID-4001 and ID-5001. We have designed a replacement temperature sensor that will replace the original 100-1727 and 100-1728 sensors. We even have replacement Teflon bearings for the old ID1290 Analog Weather Station.